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On Saturday the 27th my older brother and I decided to do a little suburban hiking.  We had been working together near the creek and small section of woods still left in Haddon Heights and we got to talking about it.  He used to play back in the area as a child and was curious to see how it changed.   I was game for doing some hiking so I said lets do it.  I made up a small day pack in a surplus Army assault pack and we meet up around noon on Saturday to set out for the darkest deepest forest in suburbia.   I whipped up at quick Google map of our trail.

Here are some pics from the hike along the south bound side of Rte. 295

this was just above where we crossed the creek

Looks like the local kiddies do or did some bmx riding back here.

rock wall along the creek bed

sink hole along the trail the kids have carved while riding bmx back here

some ducks a log jam and some trash 😦

self portrait

I walked half threw the tunnel but dicided to stop and turn back.

these were cool because they were made in the silt below the water.

this is the Haddon Heights trail lean to

This is the only picture from the north bound side of the trail, as my camera battery died.

north bound side of tunnel. there were some fish down in the water but they spooked as we walked up.

After walking back over the old dump and to the north bound side of the creek tunnel we hiked back to the tennis courts.  From there we entered the Little Timber Creek Nature Trail, if my memory serves me this trail was the Eagle Scout project of a guy I went to high school with.  My brother told me the area was the old boro concrete and tree dump.  We walked the trail and followed the creek behind the swim club and back up along the highway wall.  It was a nice relaxing hike.

The really good news is my brother started asking me about hiking packs and hammocks.  He said he is thinking about coming along with me on my goal of a fall Batona Trail Hike.


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