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Well I decided to redo the stock suspension on Hennessy Hammock to make hanging it a little faster and easier.  I researched a lot of types of suspensions rings/webbing, cinch buckles/webbing, whoopie slings and few other variations of those.  I decided I was going to go with a cinch buckle/webbing style suspension.  Now I chose to use a chain link ,which is a continuous loop of Amsteel with a keeper stitch sewn in to lock it, to attach the hammock to either a carabiner or the cinch buckle.  I chose to get my chain links and cinch buckles from AHE (Arrowhead Equipment) because I liked the design of the cinch buckle and that AHE has a 20” chain link. I knew that securing the chain link to the end of the Hennessy Hammock would consume much of the length of the chain link.   My only regret was the week after the buckles arrived, AHE got black cinch buckles in stock.  Oh well I will have to pick them up for the next project.   Now for my webbing I went with a some 1” tubular webbing from REI.

This was also my first sewing project, yep you heard that right.  My first sewing project would be responsible for keeping my ass from crashing to the ground in the middle of the night while I slept.  I decided to sew a box pattern with an “X” in the middle.  I have seen it on similar setups, other webbing project and I figured it would be easy enough for me to do.  Each strap ended up being about 12’6” long.

Now my plan was to attach the hammock to the cinch buckle via a carabiner with the webbing drawn through the sewn loop.  I got some feedback that I should secure the cinch buckle via a girth hitch to the chain link than use the carabiner to attach the loop to the webbing at the tree.  On my last hammock hang I used both techniques one on each end of the hammock.

Stitching pattern

loops and ends

chain link installed

suspension attachment

Suspension mock-up

Well after my first hang with my DIY suspension I have to say I am happy with it.  I learned that I must pick my hanging distance and angles carefully.  I set up between two trees 24′ apart and I ended up with the suspension “stretching” and my butt on the ground.  I think that having the bulk of the webbing  between the cinch buckle and the tree it allowed the webbing to stretch a bit, thus allowing my hammock to sag.  I put keeper knotse in the webbing  behind the cinch buckles and there was no sign that the knots had given way and the webbing slipped through the cinch buckle.  This is what lead me to believe it was that the webbing had stretched.  So Saturday morning I rehung my hammock between to trees 14′ apart.  This resulted in less webbing being used between the buckle and the tree.  Saturday night’s sleep was great no sag in the suspension, the only problem I had was a sock feel off in my sleeping bag and having to get up at 3a.m. to relieve myself in 7*F weather.

All things being said I am really happy with all components of my suspension, I just have to learn to pick a better spot to hang.

My setup for Saturday night of the winter campout.

Thanks to Bster13 from hammockforums for the picture.


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