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Well I had my first hang last night (1/8/10) and in general everything went well.

A little back story, a member of a forum I frequent (Zombie Squad), posted something about the NJ Pine Barrens Hang, so I decided to check out HammockForums who was organizing the event. I have been toying with getting a hammock for some time now, and this was just the straw that broke the camels back. I took some Christmas money and bought a Hennessy Hammock Camo Evador and super shelter.

I decided to test out my rig on Friday night, the weather forecast was calling for a balmy night of 25* and 10 to 20 mph winds. I had originally set up my hammock between the ladder rack of my work van and a clothes pole I thought was adequately installed. This was quickly debunked as I found my self laying on the ground upon entry, as the pole had leaned over under my weight. I found the base of the pole to be inadequately buried. Oh well.

I moved to a tree just on the other side of the fence and changed how the tree huger was secured to my van’s ladder rack. I had some fun times trying to sort out the assembly of my system, and I know that it wasn’t hung entirely correct. I think I will get it all straightened out at the NJ Pine Barrens Hang.

the final hang spot

super shelter setup

my MSS bag

My layers were poly insulated underwear top and bottom, sweat pants, a turtleneck and a wool hat. I used a hunting cushion that traps heat as a billow and a full military modular sleep system. Only the black patrol bag was completely zipped up the other layers were 2/3rds zippered. I was toasty warm with a few cold spots as I settled in, and after some adjusting my position all were eliminated.

I pitched the tarp low and close to try and eliminate a lot of the wind from coming in and it seemed to work, I am still looking to get a top cover from Hennessy Hammocks once they are back in stock.

I experienced a little bit of condensation on the bottom of the pivy sack.

I don’t really think this affected my comfort at all.

I also had some condensation between the milar blanket and the bottom of the hammock. I am toying with the idea of cutting a milar blanket to fit the OCF pad and than taping it to the edges of the pad so that it can’t shift during the night.

I am thinking this may have been caused because of the sandwiching of the hammock between the milar blanket and the pivy sac. Regardless it didn’t affect my comfort in any way.

Comfort Report:

I think I may have even been able to sleep in just the insulated underwear but for a first hang I didn’t want to risk it even though the house was only thirty feet away. I experienced two problems with my general comfort. The first was that I felt my feet were up to high. I don’t think I had the hammock hung properly and that resulted in my feet being elevated. I think that had to do with the less than I deal scenario in which the hammock was hung. I think this will be correctable when I have two trees to hang between. Getting to sleep was the second. The party the neighbors’ kids were throwing while their mom and dad were away kept waking me up every time I was about to nod off. After about 30 minutes my cocoon of warmth over came it and I was out till 6:30 a.m. which is about when I normally wake up. I can say this even with some errors on my part it was the best nights sleep I have EVER had when outdoors!! I am a convert.


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