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I had mounted the scope on my Remington 700 SPS Varment once before but the scope base mounts had come loose so it needed to be redone.  I also had problems with forgetting to tightening the scope rings so the scope slide in the rings. Duh, I had left them loose so that I could set eye relief and level when at the range.  After arriving at the range I forgot to do a final tighten and shaved off some of the scopes coating.  So after that debacle I decided to remount my scope and base with some Blue Loctite.

Here are the two piece bases after remounting and Loctite.  They are Weaver bases, not high end stuff but they work, when I install them properly.

This is the scope a Tasco 10×40 Target/Varmint

You can see the damage the finish sustained on the 1” tube section of the scope.  I got the scope from Optics Planet for around $130.  Everyone at deer camp could not believe how cheap it was for the clarity and magnification it delivered.

Here is a picture of the scope ring, I purchased them at Dick’s Sporting Goods but I can’t remember the brand. The screws for the sides and top of the rings has Loctit applied to them as well.

Using my little “torpedo” level from work.  I leveled the rifle rest first than the rifle than the scope.  It took some time but it was spot on when I checked it versus a level line at the range.

Here is the finished product resting on the bed, before it went back into the gun safe to await the sighting in process.  I went to my sportsman’s club (can’t call it a gun club or gun range because I live in NJ and that gets all the antis panties in a bunch) today since it was the nicest day we have had in a while.  I arrived around 0930 and the place was empty.  It was about 40*F out with a slight easterly wind (5 to 10 mph).  It was a great morning to shot and I had the whole complex to myself.   I used my cheap laser bore sight (brand I can’t remember but still an effective little piece of equipment) to get a zero at 25 yards.  Than I backed my target up to 50 yards and started firing.  I was about 4” high and 4” left after the first group of four, and in about twelve  rounds total I had two shots with touching holes and the “x” was gone.  Since I am new to blogging I forgot that I should be taking pictures of all of this.  When I backed the target up to 100yards I remembered that I brought the camera and should start taking pictures.  Here is the picture of the target with ”cover up dots” when I moved it back the 100 yards.

I had to switch ammo as I ran out of Federal 150 grain so I switched to Federal 168 FMJ.  I had to readjust the scope to account for the different ammo but once I did it was a pretty group that I recorded.

I had one “flier” but I know that was me not the rifle.

Here are some range pictures as well.


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